I’m Mike, and Squared Meals is the hobby and personal log of what I and my wife cook at home for our twin daughters, Willa and Phoebe. The name refers to both a square meal and what happened when we went from a family of two to a family of four. We try to make wholesome food prepared from scratch, and then we try to get Willa and Phoebe to eat it. It doesn’t always work out, and this blog is an attempt to keep track of it all.

Phoebe and Willa

Phoebe and Willa

We usually keep the food simple but primarily focus on food we (the adults) will enjoy first. When the kids balk we try and try again. Most recipes will feed four or more adults, so there’s almost always leftovers. And since my wife and I have full-time jobs outside the home, most dishes can be on the table within 30–45 minutes of walking through the door, occasionally requiring morning or weekend prep.

I cooked professionally for 8 years during and after college, from graveyard-shift short-order jobs to high-end restaurants. I love cooking and tinkering in the kitchen now more than I ever did when it was paying rent. Recipes that don’t deviate much from another source are always acknowledged. 

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